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    HI, what kind of materials are best for tying parachutes on flies? Im going to be tying some BWO paras and Adam’s for starters. Just curious what is best for this. I am farly new to tying flies, so any help is appreciated. Thanks



    Timbo, thanks for stopping by! Personally I think the best material for those flies parachute’s would be some sort of polypropylene yarn. Mcflylon is good stuff, it tends to work better at keeping your flies floating than the natural material that are commonly used for this. These yarns are available in several colors (including very bright for added visibility), so you should have no trouble finding a blue dun color for making the parachutes for your blue winged olives. The traditional Adam’s parachute fly would use calf tail, but you could also tie them with deer or elk hair. Either way, for best floating performance and durability—some variety of polypropylene would be ideal. Have a good day, Dub

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