Need a steelhead fly rod, wondering if a 6 weight rod can handle them?

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    I am on the market for a new steelhead rod. I am wondering if I buy a 6 weight it will be enough to take care of business? I already have a 5 weight, and since I do mostly trout fishing I would like an all purpose 6 weight rod for casting bigger streamers for trout and make it a dual purpose rod that will also work good for steelhead fishing in the great lakes. Any advice?



    You might want to lean towards a 7 weight. I don’t steelhead fish very much, but I use a 9′ 8 weight and it works good. I have also landed my fair share of salmon with it. I’m thinking a 7 weight might be a good dual purpose rod for you however.



    HI guys, Timbo is pretty much right on (in my opinion). A 7 weight would be great for streamers, but a little heavy for dry flies in a lot of cases. You could easily get by with a 10′ #6 rod, which might be ideal for you. 10′ rods are awesome for nymphing and just make roll casting, mending and getting distance that much easier. Plus you will have an extra foot of rod to battle the fish with.

    I used to do a lot of steelhead fishing with a 10′ 6 weight glx. At one point that was basically the only rod I owned and I used it for everything from bass to king salmon when I lived in Michigan.

    You mentioned you are going to be steelheading in the great lakes tribs, just curious where you are from and where you are fishing?

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    Sounds like good advice, thanks. I will check out some 10 foot 6 weight rods and see what I can find.

    PS: I’m from Northern Ohio so I will mostly be fishing lake Erie tributaries, but I might venture into West Michigan this spring sometime. We have a surprising amount of steelhead around here in Ohio!



    Get a spey rod, hard to beat for big water steelhead..

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